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DATS Standard Conditions of Contract for Teachers and Performers


  1. DATS are facilitating the teacher in holding classes. The contents or format of the classes are not controlled in any way by DATS and the teacher is free to operate these classes in whatever way they think best, in the time slot made available by DATS.

  2. The teacher or performer is either acting in a self employed capacity or in a voluntary capacity and no contract of employment will exist between the teacher and DATS.

  3. The teacher or performer will submit details of the fee they require for providing their service in advance and will receive agreement from DATS that this fee is acceptable.

  4. The fee for the service will be paid on production of an invoice.

  5. If the contract is for the provision of a series of classes, the fee will normally be paid on completion of the series. However, by agreement, the fee may be paid by instalments after the completion of each class. Such an arrangement may not be construed as an ongoing wage or salary and the arrangement of instalments is purely to facilitate the contractor.

  6. Teachers are under no contractual obligation to perform any agreed service and may, at any time, withdraw from any arrangement with DATS. The courtesy of reasonable warning is invited but not contractually necessary. DATS reserve the same right to withdraw at any time from an agreed arrangement and accept no contractual obligation to complete the arrangement.

  7. As teachers are independent contractors, providing a service to DATS, they are not covered by DATS public liability insurance. If they wish to have insurance cover for their activities, they must take out insurance cover on their own behalf.

  8. It is understood that DATS will not usually involve itself in any long-term arrangements and that normally contracted teachers or performers will operate for short periods only. It is also assumed that teachers or performers contracted by DATS, if professionals, rather than amateurs or volunteers, will have other teaching and performing commitments as part of their business operations and that services provided to DATS will be merely one of many such services provided to other groups or organisations. Such professional contractors will be entirely responsible for the running of their own businesses and their own tax affairs, if appropriate, and DATS accepts no liability in this regard.

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