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DATS Membership

Why not become a Member ?

If you would like greater involvement with DATS you can always become a member.


Benefits of membership:

  • price reductions at classes and other events;

  • admission to the DATS Spring Ball at the Mansion House;

  • admission to the Annual General Meeting;

  • possibility of serving on the committee or nominating someone to serve (after being a member for one year).


Membership doesn't place any responsibilities on you, it simply allows you to show your support and partake more fully in the affairs of the society. Talk to a committee member at the desk at any of our events if you'd like to become a member.


Cost of membership:

  1. Anyone who joins from 1st January up to the 30th June pays the full membership fee (€20).

  2. Anyone who joins from 1st of July up to 31st of October pays half the membership fee (€10).

  3. Anyone who joins from 1st November until 31st of December pays the full membership fee (€20) and is given free membership for all of the following year.

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