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About Argentine tango

Argentine tango is vast! Beginners will need to know about etiquette, how to move on the dance floor, mirada and cabeceo, how to choose shoes. Later in the tango journey it is useful to develop a knowledge of the history of tango, orchestras, singers, composers, the structure of tango songs, Spanish language, lunfardo, tango lyrics, the sociological aspects of tango, to mention a few.


Tango is a life-long learning journey!


In this page we provide a curated list of useful online resources. We exclude links to sites focused on selling shoes, clothes or music as there are far too many. Instead the links here are mostly about learning tango.


Etiquette, floorcraft


The Tango Therapist blog covers many tango-related subjects, including etiquette:


More about etiquette:


Good video about floorcraft, i. e. how to move around the dance floor:


Veronica Toumanova's excellent essays focus on technique, etiquette and sociological aspects of tango:

Music, its history and lyrics


TodoTango is the best site on the history of tango, tango music, lunfardo, etc:




More lyrics:


Database of tango songs:

Tango listening

Youtube has thousands of tango videos useful for listening but also for watching performances by professional tango teachers. There are numerous excellent Youtube channels. The channel below created by Paul Bottomer (RIP) is one such good channel providing songs with lyrics translated into English:


Spotify has loads of tango. An account is needed:

Tango Pasión Radio is a free Italian online radio station focusing on tango hits with little talk:

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