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Calendar how-to for organisers

[Update as of 21/Nov/2021: the calendar for the rest of Ireland is currently not active and the scope of the Dublin calendar has been expanded to cover all the counties in Greater Dublin].

Some rules


If you are an organiser and would like to list your events in our calendar, we can grant you the permission to edit it, but with access come rules and responsibilities.


  • Please respect the calendar scope: the Dublin calendar is exclusively for events held in Dublin county and the Rest of Ireland Calendar is for events in the remaining counties of Ireland.

  • All tango related group events are suitable for listing in the calendars, such as classes, workshops, milongas or festivals – but not private classes.

  • Please keep your listing in the calendar up to date and accurate.

  • All event listings should show clearly who is the organiser and provide some contact means such as a Facebook page, web site, email address or phone number.

  • If you add an event that is repeatable (such as a class or milonga) please set an end date for the repetitions, or a number of occurrences. In addition make sure to remove or edit the event as appropriate if conditions change. This is important for example during the Christmas season when scheduled events are often not held. An alternative to repeatable events is to duplicate a previous event.

  • DATS will (when needed) exercise the role of moderator. As such:

    • DATS reserves the right to edit or remove event listings that don't follow the rules above.

    • DATS reserves the right to revoke access to this calendar.



How to get edit access to the calendar


Please email us if you want access to the calendar. You will need to give us an email address, preferably of a Gmail account as the calendar is hosted by Google (an email address by other provider such as Yahoo may work but may be a bit awkward to use).


Once we give you edit access to the calendar, you will receive an email notification. You then visit the calendar page by clicking the button below. Log in with the email address you gave us. The DATS calendar should have been added to your own.

Alternatively click on the button below and the DATS calendar will be shown. Then click on the button at the bottom right that says “+Google Calendar”, log in if needed, and answer Yes to add the calendar to your own.

Editing the calendar


When you reach this stage you are finally ready to add your events to the calendar. It is relatively easy.


You should click somewhere in the empty space on the square or rectangle for the day or time you want to add the event and a dialogue box pops up. There is a drop-down list of calendars and you should choose “Dublin Tango Calendar” (see screenshot below) or “Rest of Ireland Calendar”. Then click the button “Edit event” and edit the title, time, location and description.

The title should ideally start with your brand name, for example, “El Abrazo milonga” if “El Abrazo” is your brand. Google will automatically create a map link for you if you provide a correct address for the venue. You may also make the event repeatable but please set an end date for the repetitions or a number of occurrences. An alternative to repeatable events is to duplicate an existing event (see screenshot below) and then change the date and make any necessary changes. Finally press the Save button.


Alternatively click on one of your events and edit it (please do not touch the events of other organisers).

Three gotchas:

  • Make sure you created the new event in right calendar (Dublin Tango or Rest of Ireland) and not in your own personal calendar or some other calendar that you have been given edit access to.

  • After you edit the details of your event and do not forget to press the red Save button at the top left, as otherwise the calendar will not be saved at Google!

  • When testing changes to the calendar do not forget to refresh the page by clicking or touching the refresh icon on the browser or pressing the refresh key (typically F5).

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