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DATS Privacy Policy

On this page, we describe the DATS Privacy Policy in order to comply with GDPR.


GDPR is about personal data. We hold personal data in two lists: the mailing list and the membership list. We describe them separately below. We don't sell our data.


In addition, further down we mention Facebook and our website.

Mailing List

Our mailing list is hosted at MailChimp. In it, we have email addresses and for maybe 10% of people on the list, we also have the first and last names.


At the bottom of each email we send via MailChimp, there are two links:

  • “update your preferences” - click it if you want to add, remove or modify your name or email address in this list.

  • “unsubscribe from this list” - click it if you want to unsubscribe from this list.

In other words, you are in control of your data in this list and if you want to continue to receive emails or not.

Our policy is that we do not add email addresses to this list without consent.

It is possible to be added to the list via the Contact Us page on this website. It is also possible to be added or removed from the list by sending us a request by email or Facebook.

Note that MailChimp tracks your reading of emails. We at DATS have access to some of that information.

Membership List

DATS is a society, which means we have members and therefore we need to keep a membership list. At the end of each year, in October if not earlier, we create a blank membership list for the following year that is stored in a spreadsheet hosted at Google Drive. The membership list always starts empty and as people renew their membership by paying the fee they are added to this list.


In this list, we have the first and last names of members. These are essential for administration purposes however they don't have to be the real names. In fact, there are at least two people in the 2018 membership list that have pseudonyms as their last name as they care about privacy.


We also have email addresses. Email is the primary means of communication with members. Some information about the AGM is only provided by email, and detailed information about the Mansion House ball is also only provided by email. That said if you don't care about this you don't need to give us an email address. Emails that are sent exclusively to DATS members are sent using Gmail, not MailChimp.


We also have phone numbers for most members as they can on occasion be useful. Lately, we have been less inclined to ask for phone numbers.


We also keep track of the date the member renewed his membership, how much money was paid (€20 or €10) and if the member is on the MailChimp list.


Please email us if you would like to know what information we have about you or if you want to make changes to it.


DATS has a group and page hosted on Facebook. Both are public, meaning everyone on the internet has access to this data. If you have any concerns about GDPR you should talk with Facebook. Each person joins our group or likes our page (or leaves the group or unlikes the page) when they want so DATS does need to do anything with respect to GDPR compliance.


Of course, Facebook is terrible for those that care about privacy and there are some DATS members that are not on FB for this reason or because they don't like Facebook. There are also some that use pseudonyms on Facebook.


Our website does not hold any personal data. However our website is hosted by Wix and Wix most likely tracks your usage of our website. Please refer to their privacy policy for information about this.

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